Dang, live every week like it’s Israeli Apartheid week


Dang, Leonard Cohen

I’d like to start a band. I’d like to cover this song. Let me know if you’re game.

Dang, Un Prophete was so good. But maybe I’m just a sucker for films about organized crime with wild religious overtones, even if the director denies said overtones.

After seeing Audiard’s Un Prophete, I scoured the internet for other reviews of the film which appealed to my political agenda and my thoughts more generally. I didn’t really find any, so I thought I would write down some of my initial reactions.

To be totally reductive, Un Prophete has been described as the Godfather meets The Battle of Algiers. As my knowledge of the crime film is limited, I’ll stick to the assessment of it as the latter.  Un Prophete is much more and much less than The Battle of Algiers, yes by and large the key players are the same–the French and the North African. And it many ways the film produces the same anti-colonial sentiment, but Un Prophete is less about the brown nation and more about the brown body, the persona, and his or her relation to the French state– the banlieue, the prison. Un Prophete is loaded with religious themes. Thus, our persona is then refracted through Islam. Where the crossroads of the world is not Mecca, but the French prison.

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dang, sometimes you just have to get away with the girls.

Dang, I keep thinking she’s gonna say “Ram Ram Ramallah.”

I am clearly fucked up about the world.

I hate this.

Just some more offensive nonsense from the Birthright Israel folks.

H/t to Meena for sharing.

Dang, Maeby Fünke I always knew you were half-Iraqi.

Ok, so this film might be employing some hokey “look, they’re just like you and me” bullshit and I knew we weren’t getting through this trailer without seeing some fucking calligraphy, but this appears to be pretty adorable. And unfortunatley, there’s the simple pleasure of seeing Arab (and probs Iranian and South Asian) actors getting some goddamn work.

Oh and Alia Showkat (Maeby Fünke) of Arrested Development fame should be pretty awesome to watch.